Functional Medicine in Las Vegas

Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

  • On your initial visit to our office Dr. Rudack will personally conduct a detailed history starting from your birth and proceed through your current mental and social well-being as well as lifestyle factors. This comprehensive history gives the necessary information to select appropriate functional laboratory testing and discover the root causes of less-than-optimal health.
  • Once our office receives all the test results, Dr. Rudack will discuss these results in detail and present a treatment plan outline. The fee for a program of care depends upon your case complexity and length of care. A functional medicine care program will allow you to consider ALL your health choice options, making you an empowered patient.
  • Lifestyle changes are an integral process for many seeking chronic disease resolution. Dr. Rudack and his staff understand it as not easy or comfortable to initiate and follow through with established habits. For this reason, our office provides the necessary tools and support to make your healthcare transformation.
  • By being proactive and exploring functional medicine, you have made the decision to avoid prescription drug dependency and address the root causes of poor health.
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