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Questions for Functional Medicine Practitioners

Here are some questions that you may consider asking a clinician who practices Functional Medicine

  1. How would you describe your practice?
  2. Do you work with other clinicians — Nutrition Professionals, Health Coach, etc.?
  3. Do you have information you could send now about your practice?
  4. Do you have experience treating my condition(s)?
  5. Please describe your Functional Medicine training.
  6. Do you take insurance? Or are you a cash practice?
  7. What are the main therapies that you use? (examples: dietary, chiropractic adjustments, supplements, prescription medications) Are they typically covered by insurance?
  8. Do you have a on site lab and do you do breath, saliva, serum and stool testing? What other kinds of assessments do you use? Are they typically covered by insurance?
  9. What is the cost of an office visit?
  10. How much time should I budget for my first appointment?
  11. What should I do to prepare for my first visit?
  12. Do you offer telephone or online consultations.
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