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What is Functional Medicine?

Personalized, Proactive, Preventative and Predictive.

Functional medicine is a speciality of health care practice that evolved from physician’s desire to offer their patients a more proactive form of health care than what is taught in U.S. medical schools. This is not to suggest that medical education in the U.S. is inferior. With the increase of poor lifestyle choices; the standard American diet, lack of physical activity, stress and toxic environmental exposures, chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and cognitive decline have dramatically increased. Unfortunately, current medical education has not adapted to these changes in public health. Seventy-one percent of U.S. medical schools offer less than 25 hours of nutrition education and 43% offer less than half of that.

The Backstory

The pharmaceutical industry became a critical link to the medical professions education beginning in the early 1950s. When this occurred, a shift in the doctor – patient relationship began to change as well. Gradually, as this one on one relationship eroded and treatment became focused on eradicating symptoms, little attention was directed to prevention. This approach to medical care combined with the insurance industry’s control of healthcare resulted in physician burnout. Disenchantment with the practices they were in, led to the grassroots evolution of functional medicine.

The Modern Era

Physicians that are certified in functional medicine have committed to post graduate educational training that allows for greater doctor patient interaction. A functional medicine approach to health is a more favorable health care delivery system for the patient, the physician, the community and the world. The most challenging part of a functional medicine practice is patient compliance. For today’s physician, it is much more time effective to prescribe a pill than teach a lifestyle change. This is especially true if the insurance industry reimburses the physician for an office visit that is properly coded and the drug that the doctor was taught to prescribed for that code. The insurance company is reluctant to pay the physician for the time to explain necessary lifestyle changes.

A Comprehensive Approach

A certified functional medicine physician is trained and educated in recognizing the importance of the patients timeline of health from birth, in an effort to discover contributing factors leading to a decline in health. Only then can recommendations be offered to reverse chronic degenerative disease with consideration of lifestyle changes. Certified functional medicine physicians study lab results not only to see if those results fall within the “normal” value, but are educated to assist the patient to achieve optimal lab values. Values that suggest vibrant health.

Mission Statement -
Life Enhancement Center

In addition to discussing your past and present health and lifestyle history, we strive to help people learn about their biological health status. Our goal is not to turn patients into fitness/health fanatics, but rather to teach them to work a customized health program into their lifestyles, designed to optimize health and aging. Your care at Total Wellness Life Enhancement Center will follow a holistic approach. An in-depth consultation will provide each patient’s background and further define the patient’s overall requirements and goals. A personalized multi-faceted plan of action for the patient is designed to correct hormonal, glandular, and chemical imbalances directing the patient towards the healthiest lifestyle possible.

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