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Type-2 Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes:

“A serious condition where the blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed by a physician as type-2 diabetes. More than 80% of people with pre-diabetes are unaware they have it. Pre-diabetes puts you at higher risk of type-2 diabetes, stroke heart disease and additional degenerative diseases.”

While the CDC acknowledges pre-diabetes as a serious condition, little is ever done to address this with the patient. It is only when the condition becomes an insurance accepted diagnosis, that the physician will act with an insurance accepted drug prescription. In other words, a blood sugar of 99, no treatment or advice. A blood sugar of 100, begin prescription .drugs for life.

At Total Body Wellness Life Enhancement Center, we focus on promoting health and reversing pre-diabetes and reversing type-2 diabetes. We will spend the time necessary to implement lifestyle strategies that can allow you to live a high quality of life free from prescription drugs and their several side effects.

Option 2

Let me explain this statement delivered by the CDC.

Firstly, what is “normal”? Normal for the average American? I certainly would not want my blood sugar to be that of the average American, especially when over 60% of Americans are considered medically obese. Does normal mean healthy? If a patient enters a doctor’s office and is discovered to have less than healthy blood sugar levels, why not discuss in detail what should be done immediately to correct this and prevent the gradual elevation of blood sugar levels that then leads to the prescription drug therapy route?

The truth may be as simple as the subject of physician time.

Firstly, physicians are trained in school to perform thorough patient examinations. Included in this time intensive process is a visual examination. With respect to type-2 diabetes, many individuals present with excess abdominal fat and in some cases a “beer belly”. By the way, a beer belly has no relevance to over-indulgence in beer consumption.

With this visual observation, combined with routine blood examination of the patient, the physician may find that the fasting blood sugar levels exceed 90(—).

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