Hello Dr.Rudack,
This is Bob not sure if you remember me as it has been quite a while. I thought you might like to hear an update, especially since it is so positive. Since I first saw you just barely over one year ago, my health improvement has been a long, but steady uphill climb, and that is thanks progress at first was very slow, imperceptible from day to day.

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Ernest, age 75

I originally went to Dr.Rudack because lower and neck problems. I have had these problems for well over 30 years and regularly had episodes of severe pain and mobility problems. I also had 20 years history of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides and Pre-diabetes, which, after retirement, eventually evolve into full blown Type 2 Diabetes. My medical prescriptions were…

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Sahli, age 39

Recently I read an article about health & wellness, and a quotation in it reminded me of Dr. Rudack.The quote said, “The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Dr. Rudack did not only just talk to me about my disease, but treated me, and my health returned!

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Diena S., age 33

Hi, I am a 33-year old woman.I began seeing Dr. Rudack eight years ago.I came to see Dr. Rudack recently to ask him how I could get better results from my workouts….

[Dr. Rudack] suggested for me to try the Lifestyle Transformation Program.That has to be the best thing I have done for myself!

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Elia., age 56

Four months ago, I was at least 60 pounds overweight. I had no energy, my feet burned from carrying too much weight, I had heartburn every day, and I was gorging myself on fast foods, potatoes, and anything starchy.I was getting no exercise, and just plain did not like myself.Then my husband asked me to see Dr. Rudack, who has changed my life.

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Sharon P.

Prior to the Healthy Lifestyle Program, there were a number of concerns that I had about my general health.

Working in a fast paced, high stress job, many days my meals consisted of grab and run.My gym routine was inconsistent.I felt sluggish, many days had low energy and no matter how hard I tried I could not drop more than a couple of pounds….

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Tina W.

Dear Dr. Rudack,

I remember when I first came in to see you, we talked about your wellness program, and the benefits that I would receive from it.I discussed with you the issues that I was having, such as diabetes, asthma, chronic sinus infections, and of course being overweight.

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Dan C. age 59

During the course of my treatment, Dr. Rudack and I talked about my overall health.He asked a very peculiar question, “What concerns do I truly have concerning my health?”

At that time I was 59 years old, overweight, had difficulty sleeping, suffered from chronic diverticulitis, and felt generally sluggish….

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