Prior to the Healthy Lifestyle Program, there were a number of concerns that I had about my general health.

Working in a fast paced, high stress job, many days my meals consisted of grab and run.  My gym routine was inconsistent.  I felt sluggish, many days had low energy and no matter how hard I tried I could not drop more than a couple of pounds.  I also came to the realization that on more days than not, my diet did not consist of even the minimum servings of fruits and vegetables, although I do enjoy them.

Since I finished the Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Program, my clothes continue to fit better, I am sleeping better, and my general mood has improved substantially.  After completing the initial three months program, my diet continues to remain healthy and it is a natural occurrence to grab healthy foods.  I am constantly cognizant of insuring that my diet is balanced throughout the day.  The key was breaking the bad habits that are very easy to fall into.  More importantly, I was hooked on Starbucks coffee and could not get through the day without it.  Since the Healthy Lifestyle Program, I drink three cups of Starbucks coffee per week instead of three per day, and my cravings for sugar-laden foods has all but disappeared.

The Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Program has such positive outcomes that I recommended it to anyone looking to improve their overall health.  Although somewhat restrictive during the first 10 days, of the detox portion of the three months program, it is not impossible to follow.

I am now constantly being asked about the program, as both my friends and business associates have noticed a significant difference in both my appearance, and attitude.

Sharon P.