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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a revolutionary approach to enhancing overall health and well-being by harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields. This non-invasive and drug-free therapy has gained popularity for its potential to support the body's natural healing processes and improve various aspects of health.

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At its core, PEMF therapy involves the use of devices that generate pulsating electromagnetic fields. These fields are carefully tuned to specific frequencies and intensities to interact with the body's cells and tissues. The electromagnetic pulses penetrate deep into the body, influencing cellular behavior and promoting a range of physiological responses.

One of the primary benefits of PEMF therapy is its ability to optimize cellular function. By stimulating cellular activity, PEMF enhances energy production, improves circulation, and supports the body's natural repair mechanisms. This can result in reduced inflammation, enhanced tissue regeneration, and ultimately, a more efficient healing process.

THE QRS was used by Astronauts on the MIR Space Station

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From the MIR Space Station to the Mars Space program, from the NBA to the Olympics, from the Vatican Hospital to the most prestigious Medical Clinics and International Antiaging Spas, the famous Quantron Resonance System is the premier pulsed electromagnetic field system of choice, preferred by more Astronauts, Professsional Athletes, Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals, Medical Clincs, and Health Spas over any other system.

When it comes to SPACE TRAVEL, it was the QRS system that was chosen for the MIR Space Sation to protect the Astronauts from decreasing bone density and circulatory problems encountered in a weightless state.

With the QRS, Astronauts benefit from improved circulation, increased oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metabolism, and an overall increase in energy, “SPACE OSTEOPOROSIS” is also prevented and reversed.

The MARS Space Program has also chosen the QRS to protect the health of Astronauts traveling to the Red Planet. “In order to maintain good health, our astronauts need to use the QRS on their flight to Mars!”

Professor Dr. of Medicine, V.M. Baranov,
Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow

QRS in Professional Sports

In the Professional Sports World, more top professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and Tour de France use the QRS over any other brand.

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Each of our cells throughout our body has a membrane. The membrane is like an “outer shell” that allows molecules to pass in and out of the cell. It also has an electromagnetic charge that determines how permeable the membrane is. When our membrane’s charge is weakened, it doesn’t allow as many molecules and nutrients to pass through the cell. It also slows down the process of removing waste to keep the cell clean.

When our cells are exposed to PEMF, the electromagnetic charge of the membrane becomes balanced, making the membrane more permaable. This allows the necessary amount of nutrients to enter the cell and cleanses it of toxins. PEMF therapy also improves circulation through our blood vessels and heart.

Because cells make up the entire human body, when they are healthier, so is the rest of our body.

“The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”

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Why you Want PEMF Therapy?

A common question among those considering PEMF as a treatment usually is “why would I want to have magnetic waves go into my body?” or “aren’t” PEMF and magnetic waves dangerous?” Both of these are great questions!

PEMF and its magnetic fields are not dangerous. What is dangerous, however are EMF waves that are released by practically every kind of electronic device-cell phones, Bluetooth devices, WiFi routers, powerlines, and so much more. These can throw off the natural magnetic frequency of our body. Put simply, PEMF works to reset your body’s charge and rebalance your electromagnetic energy.

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