I originally went to Dr.Rudack because lower and neck problems. I have had these problems for well over 30 years and regularly had episodes of severe pain and mobility problems. I also had 20 years history of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides and Pre-diabetes, which, after retirement, eventually evolve into full blown Type 2 Diabetes. My medical prescriptions were only able to keep me at the very top of the normal ranges or slightly over the upper limits of the normal ranges.

Dr.Rudack, he had me get a full physical and fil out a fairly detailed questionnaire regarding my previous life style, diet, health problems and future goals.

After several conversations with me, Dr.Rudack developed a Wellness Program to help me relieve my back and neck problems and work toward getting my test results down into normal levels, as well as achieve my goals. He has always been willing to answer any questions and explain the basis for each of his suggestions. This includes discussing the various recommended supplements as well as prescriptions from my regular medical doctor.

It was not a quick fix but a steady and gradual change in life style. Becoming aware of how and what foods I ate could affect my overall health and blood tests was a big part of the change (reducing the amount of carbohydrates in my previous diet was a particularly drastic change). My test results are now in the better than normal ranges and I have lost around 20 pounds in weight and 3-4 inches around my waist.

– Ernest,
Age 75