Four months ago I was at least 60 pounds overweight, no energy, my feet burned from carrying too much weight, I had heartburn every day and gorging myself on fast foods, potatoes and anything starchy.  I was getting no exercise and just plain did not like myself.  Then my husband asked me to see Dr. Rudack, who has changed my life.

Dr. Rudack introduced me to the Lifestyle Transformation Program (LTP) and for the first four days, I not only did not like myself, I sure did not like Dr. Rudack or the rest of the world.

“Why am I putting myself through this, and putting all my faith in one person?  I am happy being miserable?  NO, NO, NO!”

I have now lost 30 pounds, the inches have melted away.  I have dropped three clothes sizes, but most of all I like myself again, and I have the confidence that I can do anything, that I set my mind to.

My energy level is way up, I have not had any more heartburn, but most of all I have given up drinking hard liquor.  I eat only healthy foods and exercise (not all the time… yet) but I know all good things take time.

My family was home over the holidays and could not believe my accomplishments.  I did all of the cooking, but kept to my decision and did not gain any weight back.  With four grandchildren in the house, I found I could keep up with them and did not get upset as I normally would over the little things.

I highly recommend to anyone who will listen about the LTP, and I know I will probably have to repeat the process in the future, but this time will not be so bad, for I have all the support and love from my family, and from Dr. Rudack and his staff.

God Bless them all!

Eila, age 56