Hi, I am a 33-year old woman.  I began seeing Dr. Rudack eight years ago.  I came to see Dr. Rudack recently to ask him how I could get better results from my workouts.  I have been about 10 pounds over than I wanted to be for quite a while.  I was working out with weights about 4 -5 times a week.  I did 20 minutes of cardio every other day.  I ate mostly healthy food, but would have snack foods like chips, crackers, or sugar items in moderation.  Dr. Rudack suggested that he wanted me to take BioImpedance test.  When the test results came back I was concerned about how high my body fat was.  Dr. Rudack was concerned my basal metabolic rate.  So, he suggested for me to the Lifestyle Transformation Program.  That has to be the best thing I have done for myself.

During the program I felt vibrant, clean, healthy and happy, my complexion became healthier looking and the little darkness I had under my eyes began to go away.  I had lots of energy and I was able to continue my exercise program without ever feeling tired.  The program was a good choice for me because it created good eating habits.  I don’t want to put food or drinks in my body that it really doesn’t need.  My body runs better on the right foods.

Two month after the detox I still FEEL BETTER THAN EVER.  I re-ran my BioImpedance test; I was so excited with the results.  Dr. Rudack told me that I had lost 10% body fat, and had gained 10% muscle.  I went down three sizes in my clothes.  I feel that I am in the healthiest state I have ever been in.  I have had people who see me at the gym who come up and say, “You have really trimmed down.”  This experience has been amazing for me.  Before the program, I really thought I was making good food choices, but even the littlest choices that made a big difference in how my body functioned.  The outside results are great, but the inside results are what really matter the most.  The program makes sense to me, we clean the outside of our body and need to clean the inside as well.  I still have lots of energy and still feel incredibly healthy.  For eight years Dr. Rudack has been my primary health care from Dr. Rudack has been my primary health care physician, I have been blessed to have GREAT health care from Dr. Rudack.  He is someone who continually educates himself so he can help as many people as he can to have better health.  I am extremely grateful to Dr. Rudack for helping me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you,

Diena S.