During the course of my treatment, Dr. Rudack and I talked about my overall health.  He asked a very peculiar question, “What concerns do I truly have concerning my health?”

At that time I was 59 years old, overweight, had difficulty sleeping, suffered from chronic diverticulitis, and felt generally sluggish a good deal of the time.  As for exercise, I did walk several times a week and did some yoga and stretching.  Not that these activities seemed to do much for my weight.

I am not going to say the Lifestyle Transformation program was very easy at the start, but neither was it hard.  I guess changing habits I was use to for my entire life tends to be difficult, but eventually necessary, or else…

It is now four months later.  I completed the program and some of the results are clearly obvious.  I have lost weight and 3 to 4 inches in my waist.  I sleep much better now, waking up once or twice a night instead of the 8 or 10 times.  I have much more energy, and feel more alert.  My “chronic” colon problems have not bothered me at all and my digestion is greatly improved.  Several of my friends and people at work have asked what diet I am on, and react doubtful when I tell them I have not been on any diet and in fact now eat more than I use too, but simply learned to eat the right way.

Obviously, I am quite satisfied with my results and while I do not follow a daily strict regiment, I follow the spirit of the program.  I shop and eat completely different now and have occasional treats.

I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone and wanting to not just to lose weight, but become healthier.

Dan C. age 59