March 1, 2023





Everyone knows someone who has recovered from cancer however no one knows someone who has recovered from Alzheimer’s. Saying someone has MILD cognitive decline is similar to saying someone has MILD metastatic cancer.


Dr. Dale Bredesen and Dale David Perlmutter have defined a new path for physicians to treat individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline. Dr. Perlmutter in his best seller book, Grain Brain, first spoke of cognitive decline as a type of insulin abnormality of the brain that he refers to as type 3 diabetes. Dr. Dale Bredesen as a professor at UCLA went further in his research and has created the only program that has shown to be successful to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline.


Dr. Bredesen’s best selling book, The End of Alzheimer’s, describes six subtype causative or contributing factors and treatment programs that are individualized based upon several diagnostic and laboratory results.


Dr. Bredesen’s protocols do not differ from an article published in The Journal of Internal Medicine, “ Advances in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia”


“……the most common cognitive impairments in old age probably have mixed etiologies and different pathologies suggesting that combined multi domain preventative interventions targeting several risk factors simultaneously have the highest likelihood of being effective.”


Basically what this article is saying is that there may be several factors developed over ones lifetime that may cause and or contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline and treating these issues will produce the best results.


The current treatment used in convention medicine is using pharmaceutical drugs to attack the amyloid plaques seen in the brain scans of Alzheimer patients. Of the 18 FDA approved drugs used to treat Alzheimer patients, none have successfully helped and in fact they have caused increased cognitive decline. The explanation of these disappointing outcomes is that the drugs were developed to attack the amyloid plaques and a recent scientific discovery has found these plaques are formed as a defensive response of the body against inflammation and toxicity.


According to the nations Alzheimer’s Association website,,  “….the amyloid plaques seen in Alzheimer patients can occur 20-25 years before any symptoms of cognitive decline.”


This is very important to recognize because if an individual is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, there offspring may posses genetic risk factors. Early evaluationgives one the best opportunity for a favorable outcome or prevention.


Again, from the Journal of Internal Medicine, “…. the overall goal of primary prevention is to reduce the incidence of disease by intervening before the disease onset.”


Alzheimer’s disease is 2X more common in women than men.


Alzheimer’s disease is 4X more common in women than breast cancer.



  • Genetic – APOE4, MHTF-r, Presenilin

  • Significant dental history or amalgams

  • Type I or type2 diabetes

  • Herpes virus

  • Toxic or mold exposure

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Omega deficiency or imbalance

  • History of concussion

  • Dysbiosis

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