Hello Dr.Rudack,

This is Bob not sure if you remember me as it has been quite a while. I thought you might like to hear an update, especially since it is so positive. Since I first saw you just barely over one year ago, my health improvement has been a long, but steady uphill climb, and that is thanks progress at first was very slow, imperceptible from day to day. The only thing that kept me going was that I would have to look at my progress not from day to day, but from month to month or in some periods even longer. I would say that I am now about 85% back to where I should be, and making progress daily. I started swimming about six weeks ago, and just last week, after a year and a half hiatus, started running again, albeit short and slow, and also started pull-ups and push- ups again.

I also have given credit to God for leading me to you. It wasn’t until after working with seven other doctors over a six year period that I was at wits end and asked a more senior member at our church to pray with me for healing and direction. Shortly after that my wife stumbled upon IFM and their website, which led me to you.

The best part of all is I’m rid of virtually all the negativity, pessimism, and anger, and back to my positive, will-do self. It is amazing how much of the quantities of life are affected by health. Life is so good. I am truly grateful for your help, thank you.