Air Pollution May Increase the Risk Of Dementia

April 12, 2023

Air Pollution May Increase the Risk Of Dementia

According to a recent study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, exposure to fine particulate air pollutants may increase the risk of developing dementia. (For further information on dementia and Alzheimer’s please see my website This information is not new to us, for decades research has linked numerous environmental toxins to many diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, and cardiovascular disease just to mention a few.

The study of the effect of your environment on your health is referred to as Epigenetics. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the stress you live with, and the quality of your sleep are a few factors that are likely to have a major effect on both the quality of your life and even your lifespan. Scientists estimate the average adult has at least 300 toxins in their body and that a newborn may have over 200 toxins.
One of the most common exposures to toxic farm chemicals are pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Some household sources of toxicants materials used in new construction to include paints, carpet, and flooring chemical that can emit off-gas into the air we breathe. Other environmental toxin exposures are dental amalgams, cosmetics, sunscreens, and hair products.

Thankfully, our bodies have a built-in filtrations system also known as metabolic detoxification. On a daily basis, your kidneys, liver, large intestine, lymphatic system and sweat glands work to reduce the body burden of these environmental contaminants.

Toxic symptoms may occur when you reach your individual limit of accumulated toxins and are not able to clear them quickly or efficiently enough. Researchers are recognizing the following symptoms related to the buildup of toxins:

-Obesity -Allergies
-Type 2 diabetes -Behavior and mood disorders
-Cancer -Tremors and headaches
-Fatigue -Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
-Infertility -Autoimmune disorders

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