Your Wake Up Call

In today’s health care system, the role of the primary care physician and specialist has evolved to delivering modalities of care centered around pharmacology. Time of patient interaction with the physician continually is reducing and often consistency of care suffers.

Functional healthcare focuses on the causes of degenerative disease with personal patient to physician interaction being a priority. There is no “routine” of care in functional medicine. Individualized, proactive, and preventative plans of action are discussed to optimize patient health.

In the current pandemic, scientific research has been sending mixed signals:

  • Do masks help.
  • Does social distancing help.
  • What is the proper treatment modalities once infected.
  • Will the current vaccines be effective.
  • Will the current vaccines have long term side effects.

The one thing this pandemic has taught us is that your personal health is a major contributor as to whether one contracts the COVID virus and more importantly, if infected, what the outcome is likely to be; mild or moderate flu symptoms or death.

The U.S. population is currently ranked 35 among industrialized nations in health!

Let this fact and the presence of COVID be your wake-up call to take stock of your health as if your life depends upon it, because it does.

The one thing ALL people in the scientific community agree upon is that the healthier an individual is, the less likely that individual is to contract COVID and the healthier an individual is the more likely they are to have a favorable and less complicated recovery.

Your health status IS NOT your impression of how many symptoms you perceive but rather a personalized approach of your health history and specific testing to determine YOUR health quality status. Is it optimal, sub-optimal or poor.

Each year millions of Americans visit their primary care physicians for their “routine” physical exams. These are the same tests used for decades that give individuals a false sense of health. They are what insurance companies allow and what physicians are taught in medical schools. It is only when an individual has health symptoms that further testing is recommended. Lots of testing !

In our competitive, fast paced, product driven society, and the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression are being diagnosed at disturbingly higher levels. In the U.S., the conventional medicine approach is prescriptive medications, designed to treat the symptoms with little regard to the causes.

Discover what a Functional Medicine Approach can do for the quality of your life and the ones you love.

Do not stop any medications you may be on, without consulting a physician first.