Help Your Immune System

This article discusses how to improve your immune system using botanical (natural) products. A webinar for physicians chaired by Dr. Patrick Hanaway, M.D., the head of the department of functional medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, discussed what may be offered to help our patients immune function against the COVID-19 virus.

The webinar discussed some of the currently known mechanisms of this particular virus and what may help the body’s innate and adaptive immune response to prevent/slow viral proliferation.

The following products have been thoroughly researched as effective agents for assisting the body’s immune response. While there may be other products of value, these are the ones with the most published information.

5. EGCG (green tea extract)

The Functional Medicine model of health care emphasizes a 4-P approach:
– Prevention
– Proactive
– Personalize
– Predictive

This email is directed to those who actively and continually seek to optimize their health and not simply treat symptoms with pharmaceutical intervention.

The products listed above may be purchased online. My clinic has received shipment of XenoprotectX by Zymogen, which contains all of the above listed botanicals in a single dose.
In addition to XenoprotectX, I continue to recommend Zinc, and ImmunCore to aid immune system support. These products and dosing are provided at my clinic.

Please eat healthy as your immune resistance depends upon it.

Please call our office 702-362-0336 to schedule a product pick-up and observe social distancing guidelines.

Best of Health
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Dr. Steve Rudack, D.C., IFMCP