A Message To All My Valued Patients

In the wake of the concern surrounding the COVID-19 virus, also referred to the Coronavirus, I would like to request all my patients to consider the following:

1. Spinal adjustments improve nervous system function. The nervous system orchestrates all other organ systems including the immune system.

2. Eat healthy. Nutrient rich foods support a healthy immune system. Processed foods and foods high in sugar weaken the immune system.

3. Manage your stress. Stress increases an imbalance of hormones that can weaken your immune system. Meditate, read, pray, play games. Do not listen to the media coverage incessantly.

4. Stay away from large crowds. This can reduce your opportunities to come in contact with someone who may have a virus. Avoid crowds at stores buying everything in bulk. Order online.

5. If you have been exercising at a gym, now would be a good time to go outside in the fresh air or exercise at home. Exercise helps support the immune system.

6. Take supplements that support immune function such as zinc, antioxidants, vitamin D, selenium or ImmuCore, available on my website, www.drsrudack.com. I would also recommend you contact my office or your primary care physician prior to taking any new supplements.

7. If you feel flu like symptoms or have recently been in contact with someone who has, please refrain from visiting our clinic for the well-being of other patients and staff. Please visit an urgent care facility for appropriate testing.

8. My staff and I are taking every precaution to keep the clinic sanitized for your health, safety and peace of mind.