COVID-19 Antibody Testing – Updated 4/28/2020

Quest Labs, one of the nations largest diagnostic lab facilities, has been FDA approved for serum Antibody testing. This single tube blood draw can determine if you have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 4 months or actively have antibodies.

The cost for the test for individuals with Quest as their insurance contracted lab may be zero! If your insurance is contracted with a different lab check to see what your lab fee is charging. You may still have the test performed at Quest possibly at no cost, as Quest will bill the federally funded CARES program.

You will need to go to your physician to get a lab requisition slip to get this test performed. If your physician’s office is closed we can provide you with this slip.

You have two options for the blood draw. Once you have the requisition slip, you may go to Quest for the blood draw or if you are currently a patient at my clinic, call our office to schedule a blood draw for a $35 fee. If you are not a patient the fee is $55.

In either case will will email your results as soon as they are received by my office.