Discounted Telemedicine Consults

This message is from Dr. Joel Evans, one of the department heads of functional medicine at The Cleveland Clinic. His recommendations were also emailed to my patient on March 18.

Please contact my office to schedule a fifteen minute telemedicine conference and we will discuss your specific recommendations. These call fees will be discounted.

Call 702-362-0336 and please visit our website,

To Our Patients:

The CFFM is committed to caring for our patients during this universally shared time of stress, concern and risk. In order to serve you better, we have undertaken the following initiatives:

• A video by Dr. Evans, above, highlighting how supplements can vitalize the immune system and improve your ability to prevent COVID-19. Dr. Evans brings you the latest information gained through his personal research as well as through his position as the Lead Physician on the Anti-Viral Task Force for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

• All of our visits will be virtual for the foreseeable future.

• We are now offering deeply discounted 15 minute visits to personalize the supplement protocols of our existing patients. We believe this is critical to ensure that you are optimally protected against infection. We will happily offer our expertise to your friends and family that are new to the practice in an “express” 30 minute visit.

• Weekly Virtual Mediations (complimentary) on Wednesday evenings to assist in developing emotional perspectives that reduce fear and help you connect with your sense of purpose during these difficult times.

We at the CFFM send you our most sincere and heartfelt thoughts during these difficult times.

Thank you,

The Staff at the CFFM