Treating the Cause; Not Just the Effect

In today’s health care system, the role of the primary care physician and specialist has evolved to delivering modalities of care centered around pharmacology. Time of patient interaction with the physician continually is reducing and often consistency of care suffers.


Functional healthcare focuses on the causes of degenerative disease with personal patient to physician interaction being a priority. There is no “routine” of care in functional medicine. Individualized, proactive, and preventative plans of action are discussed to optimize patient health.


In our competitive, fast paced, product driven society, anxiety and depression are being diagnosed at disturbingly higher levels. In the U.S., the conventional medicine approach is prescriptive medications, designed to treat the symptoms with little regard to the causes.


Take the Stress, Anxiety, Depression test below to see where your emotional health is. If the results concern you, call us to schedule a Functional Medicine Consult. Discover if help is needed and what options may be available.

(Do not stop any medications you may be on, without consulting your physician first).



Depression Anxiety Stress Scales

Depression Anxiety Stress Scales Score